Miscellaneous Supplies

We once procured and distributed chickens halfway around the world. We’re confident we can fill your order.

Two Rivers Medical is able to assist you with a vast array of product lines. If you are having a difficult time locating a product please give us a call and will we be happy to help you with your search.

Featured Vendors & Products

Daigger Scientific

Balances, Beakers, Bottles & Carboys, Centrifuges


Laboratory Washers, Fume Hoods, Pipettors


Disinfection, Sterilization

Thomas 442043- FlaskScrubber w Window & Light

Designed to wash and dry narrow-neck and general purpose labware.

6' Protector Premier Hood (COB) (Small)

Storage and venting of small lab instruments and mild acids and other reagents.

Daigger Gloves

These blue powder-free gloves contain no natural rubber latex and offer superior fit, sensitivity, and dexterity.

Daigger 1 LabGenius 30200-16

Daigger 1 LabGenius 30200-16

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