Medical Equipment

The most comprehensive collection of equipment available, many next-day.

It doesn’t matter if it's the OR, physician's office, clinic or the battlefield -- every situation calls for unique equipment. We understand and have our qualified team standing by. Two Rivers Medical has subject matter experts who understand the purchasing processes within the DoD, Federal Agencies, States municipalities and physician practices, giving you a seamless and quick process.

Featured Vendors & Products


Medical Equipment

Welch Allyn

Diagnostic Systems, Tympanometric Instruments, Vital Signs Monitors

Resolute Medical

Portable ECGs

Microtymp 3 Portable Tympanometric Instrument

Get a fast, accurate read on the middle ear. Portable and reliable.

Resolute Medical ECG

Ideal solution for rapid field diagnosis of the condition of the heart.

Kendall SCD Compression System

This vascular compression system was created with portability in mind.

767 Integrated Diagnostic System

Simple and exible, this package puts ENT diagnostic tools at your fingertips.

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