Veterinarian Supplies

We supply the tools & equipment, so you can supply the care.

Two Rivers Medical is one of the most comprehensive and agile distributors of veterinarian supplies for US government agencies. Whether it's canine, equine or other livestock -- TRM offers solutions that are flexible to your needs and reliable to your timetable.

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MWI Veterinarian

Vaccines, Clinic Supplies, Prescription Diets

Henry Veterinarian

Veterinary Dentistry, Diagnostics, Animal Health


Equine, Veterinary Equipment, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Vet 1 Insulin Syringes

Syringe that is specifically designed for U-40 insulin prescribed by veterinarians for pets.

U40_.5ccMedDose Polybag

Vet 1 Canine Muzzle

Padded, Secure Restraint for Comfortable Short-Term Use. Ideal for Veterinary Visits, Grooming or Recovery.

Vet 1 Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Cleanser designed for pets with sensitive skin and coats.

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