Seamless Procurement, Accurate and On Time. Every Time.

Two Rivers Medical is a full service medical material solutions provider in Medical & Surgical materials, equipment, dental & veterinary products. Our team specializes in aligning customers with the right products at the right price, on time. The customers we support come from Federal Agencies, DoD, State Agencies, local municipalities & physician practices.

Speedy and reliable, every time. That’s our promise to you.

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Your Trusted Supply Chain Procurement Partner

Convenient and Reliable, but what makes us the best is our service relationship.


Customer Service is our #1 priority

Experienced and knowledgeable customer service agents in all products lines with the ability to advise, recommend and provide the "best" material solution at the best price.


It'd be great if RFQ's were compartmentalized and simple to fill through multiple vendors. Thankfully, Two Rivers Medical covers all Medical Supplies, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, and Veterinary needs, all in one place. Our scope of options is unmatched, in part because of a dedicated team researching and procuring even the rarest of products.

Guaranteed Reliability

From purchase through delivery in the hospital, clinic, agency, physician office or battlefield, TRM guarantees; "Right Product, Right Price and Right location on time."

What if I wanted to order an entire field hospital, and I need it yesterday?

Working around the clock in 12-hour shifts, we made it happen

After a tsunami hit Japan in 2010, Rock It Cargo needed to prepare and ship an entire army field hospital overseas to be assembled and used. They looked to Two Rivers Medical, and we came through. Because we partner exclusively with the US Government, we're acutely aware of their RFQ needs and how to fill orders without the hassle. And being an all-in-one shop, we were able to procure and package all needed assets for the 40,000lb shipment to ensure an accurate and timely delivery.

I Need a Supplier Who Can Send Us Anything

Well, there was that time we procured a live chicken...

Two Rivers Medical's partners exclusively with US Government agencies, and we work with them to procure and distribute their RFQ's. The RFQ's will frequently include private label items and other products that might not be common. But there was one time where the request was even more unique: Sentinel Chickens -- fowl used for operations. It turns out the organization that raises and supplies the chickens is not an approved government vendor -- but Two Rivers Medical is! So we contracted with the government to supply the chickens, we then sourced them from the organization and delivered them directly to the customer.

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